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A Fresh Look For Your RV This Spring

How often do you paint a house exterior? Every five to eight years here in the Midwest. Our seasons take a toll on our largest investment’s exterior. How about the exterior of the second-largest investment for some, the RV? Both investments are bombarded by sunlight, acid rain, ozone, and temperature changes that wear a finish over the years. River City Auto Body also sees – in nearly every RV – how the flexing and bouncing down the roads can crack welds, seams, and/or paint, taking some value out of the investment.

The process is similar to an auto repair/repaint job in only one regard: Repair first.

Any body work to repair damage should be done before painting, otherwise, there isn’t much point in painting. This vehicle is exposed to four seasons of corrosive weather, too, even if temporarily stored inside or under a tarp. That means rust. River City Auto Body inspects for rust before any surface is painted because the vehicle will continue to deteriorate even under a coat of paint or primer.

The largest consideration for your RV is taking it to a shop with the capacity to handle large vehicles. Almost a no-brainer there. If it doesn’t fit in the paint bay, it doesn’t belong in that shop. Some will attempt a makeshift temporary booth, resulting in inconsistency in the finish. River City Auto Body built a permanent booth we’ve specifically designed from the ground up for massive investments like RVs and tractor trailers.

Consider three more facts:

  • Homeowners repaint the house to keep up with the times. An RV doesn’t last nearly as long, but it isn’t uncommon for a vehicle to be in use two or more decades. River City Auto Body can accommodate any color scheme you desire… even if it’s simply a fresh coat of the factory colors.

  • Homeowners repaint to house to add to resale. If your RV is on the market for the upcoming vacation season, it could be worth it to boost its looks with fresh paintwork.

  • Some repair operations offer a quote, but it isn’t free. River City Auto Body quotes are free. Always.

River City Auto Body has the expertise the specialized facilities required to properly give your RV a fresh new look!

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